Madeira Island

A unique paradise with so much to explore and experience...

Blessed with a wonderfully temperate climate, and breathtaking landscapes, this culturally rich island is an outstanding destination for all the family all year round. Here you will find everything you need to know to make the most of your next holiday in Madeira.

Calendar of Events

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Madeira Destination

Why you should visit Madeira!

There is a good reason why this small island in the middle of the Atlantic has stolen the hearts of so many travellers for well over two hundred years. Madeirans are some of the most welcoming people you will ever meet, and they want everyone to love their Island!

And why not? Madeira has so much to offer, from stunning nature, rich history, delicious gastronomy, and a great variety of outdoor activities, sports, and cultural events all year round. The capital, Funchal, is a lively and multicultural city, with many places of interest, green areas, and a great variety of local shops, bars, and restaurants. And on top of it all, we have great road infrastructures so you can get to the most remote places on the island very easily.

With so much to explore and experience, by the end of your trip, you will understand why so many travellers return every year to this sunshine paradise. Come and see for yourself!


Things to do in Madeira

From nature, cultural & sports events, here is everything you need to know
to make the most of your stay on this incredible island.

Remote work in Madeira

Are you a Digital Nomad?

Make Madeira your new home! There are more than 10.000 Digital Nomads from 110 different countries registered on the island and we know you?ll love it here just as much as they do. To make your life easier here are a few key pieces of information about moving to and living in Funchal as a remote worker.

Quinta Mãe dos Homens: your new home

Stay with us!

We have a special offer for you...

At the Quinta, we have one-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens that you can book at a lower fee if you are looking to stay for more than 28 days. The best part of staying with us is that you are free to use all Quinta’s facilities, namely our pool area, co-working spaces, and all garden areas, as well as our Reception service to help you schedule all sorts of services. Book your stay with us and we will help you make the most of your stay here in Madeira!

For Stays of 28 days or more
at Quinta Mãe dos Homens Garden Village

Non-refundable prices available. Guaranteed no online booking fees.

What is included








4 People

Apartment with a fully equipped kitchen.
Accommodates 2 adults, plus up to 2 children.

(with the use of sofa-bed and cot)

Access to all the Quinta?s facilities and free services.

The minimal rent lenght is 28 days.
To check availability and prices, contact us directly.